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Our Story

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Our Vision

To restore the heart and

soul of our neighborhood.

Our Mission

To release the church to

live and love like Jesus.

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Samaritan Essentials
Listen to teachings from our series "Samaritan Essentials" and discover more about Samaritan, our story, and our mission.
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Our Story

As Samaritan Church, the story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10 has taken special meaning for us as we seek to love and care for the overlooked and undervalued in our neighborhoods. In that parable, we see 4 characters from which we learn and shape ministry.


Luke 10 highlights a man who is on a journey. Heading down from Jerusalem to Jericho, robbers attack and leave him stripped, beaten, and alone...half dead.

Our response: we are grateful to identify the unique culture of the overlooked and undervalued neighborhoods we feel God calling us to serve. 

Dignity over charity.



While the Priest and the Levite "happened" to be on the road and avoided the broken man, the Samaritan saw, had compassion, and took steps of proximity towards the broken man. His grace-filled initiative began a narrative of restoration.

Our response: Sunday morning gatherings are designed to encourage, equip, and expand our missionary core into becoming the kind of Christ-followers who see, have compassion, and initiate proximity.

Sent into not out of or of this world.



While the Samaritan began the restoration, it was the often-overlooked Innkeeper who finished it. It was he/she who through the financial resources of the Samaritan, went the distance to care for the full recovery of the broken man.

Our response:  we love our neighborhood! As missionaries sent by God, we are to go as communities of microchurches to partner with or launch restoration efforts, proclaiming Jesus as the final remedy for brokenness.

Servants not saviors.



The Samaritan story is told with a purpose, to clarify truth to one who would seemingly have all the answers: a so-called Expert, who had two questions: "how do I receive eternal life?" and "who is my neighbor?". Jesus seems to use the second answer of neighboring to unlock the first question of life. 

Our response: our city is filled with generous people and while a heart to help may be genuine, the need to grow in how we see, have true compassion, and initiate proximity to vulnerable communities still very much exists. Coming soon, we will offer an immersion experience program to help us on the journey towards these overlooked and undervalued neighborhoods.

Learners before leaders.